The notion of mentoring is ancient. It is widely cited that the term “mentoring” has its root in Homer’s Greek epic poem Odyssey, dating back around 3000 years: When Odysseus left for the Trojan War, he entrusted his friend Mentor with the task of raising his son Telemachos in his absence and of furthering the boy’s development. The original Mentor was described by Homer as the “wise and trusted counselor”. The original archetype embodied both male and female attributes: Athena, in the guise of Mentor, became the guardian and teacher of Odysseus’ son. …

OK Boomer…the flip side of the coin

An important global challenge today is the strain on social security systems and public pension funds due to the unpreparedness of governments to adequately address the increasing age of their populations. With the Baby Boomer generation being born in between the years 1946 -1964 and Generation X between 1965 and 1980, millions of people are now older and falling out of the active workforce.

These age groups were larger than the age groups coming after. With an increased life expectancy and increased care possibilities they are also able to live longer than previous…

Is mentoring an exact science? Yes and no. We wanted to give you our take on 7 things every mentor and mentee should consider. Fire up:

#1 Choosing the Mentor/Mentee for You

Mentoring is all about establishing a trusted relationship. At Manatee Mentor we will empower you to set your individual preferences and find the best fit to you as both a mentor and a mentee. The obvious criteria include matching on mentoring goals, expertise, language, location, industry knowledge. Beyond these there are the more difficult qualitative factors relating to personality, communication style and many more which all feed into…

Manatee Mentor

Manatee Mentor is the the digital platform to match mentors and mentees by making mentoring simple, trustworthy and accessible to anyone.

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